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I forgot to say in my last post – when I say “arms up!” he raises his arms into the air.  When I say “Yucky!” he makes a sound with the back of this throat like “kkkkkkk”. 

I had to take him to the Dr. yesterday because he cannot shake this cold – he weighs 21.9 pounds!  Big boy!  And they let him stand on the big boy scale – no more little tiny baby scale.  This has all happened so damn fast.  S0.damn.fast.

He has a bacterial infection so had to be put on antibiotics and also has wheezing which the Dr. said may not mean he asthma like me and Alex, but that it is more likely he does, and she had a nebulizer delivered so we have been doing breathing treatments every 4 hours since yesterday’s first one at the Dr. at 11 a.m.  They seem to be helping – he had a good night and finally was not coughing so horribly.  He is really great about it – I just nurse him and hold it up to his nose and off we go.  The steam bothers his eyes, so if I cover them lightly then he actually falls asleep.  Sometimes he will put the t-valve into his mouth, which is just great because the steam goes straight in that way.  All in all the breathing treatments are no sweat.  I thought he would fight me because he would absolutly have nothing to do with that mask.  He is not a real fan of anything near his nose – even pulling shirts over his head bug him. 

His snot has turned back to clear so I think the antibiotic is working.  It’s a protocol I’ve not heard of before where you give 1/2 tsp on day 1, then 1/4 tsp days 2-5 and then you’re done but it stays in his system for 10 days.  In all my kids I have never had anything like that.  Easy peasy!


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I am constatly amazed at how fast Ashton is growing.  Not just his size, the fact that he is as tall as some 18 month olds at under a year, but his other skills.  Im not just bragging here – along with his baby book I do use this blog to look back on important milestones and things in life.  At 11 months 1 week, Ashton is saying “hi” to people as he waves, saying “bu-bu-bu” to people as he waves, walking, saying “mama” when he wants me and “dada” when he wants daddy, he picks up telephones and holds them to his ear, he picks up the remote and points it to the TV and changes the channels, he picks up the boys baseball bats and holds them properly at the handle and attempts to swing them, he moves his head when we say “dance”, he signs for “milk” “more” and “all gone” and he takes the bottle of the baby I babysit and holds it to his mouth (the baby’s).  These are things that are so cognitive – and I just think it is amazing to watch him grow in intelligence and learn new skills. 

There is just nothing cuter than a little boy waving at you and saying “hi” “hi” “hi” “hi” ………  I’m telling you it is tooooo cute!

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