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More everyday

Ashton gets closer to walking more everyday!  He is now standing up on his own from a sitting position.  He sits in the middle of the room, and then the next second he is standing up.  It’s freakin hilarious!


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First Step

Ashton park 9 months

Two days ago Ashton took his first step.  He will stand for anywhere between a few seconds and 30 or so seconds.  Well 2 days ago he was standing there and he stepped.  Chris looked at me and I looked at Chris, neither of us aware that the other one was even watching, and we at the same time said “did you see that?!?”  So yah, 9 months and taking steps.  We are so proud!

My neice walked at 10 months, but my older 2 were on the later side, 12 and 13 months respectivly.  And I thought boys were slower developers than girls usually…  but that’s probably a myth I heard somewhere that isn’t true but stuck in my head for some reason.

I took Ashton to the park for the first time yesterday.  Since it’s 70 degrees in January I thought we may as well take advantage of it…  It was so fun!  It was really awesome he loved the swing so much and he crawled through the tunnel and went down the slide (on mommy’s lap of course!)  He hated the feeling of grass though.  I took video of him and it is so funny – he puts his hands on the grass, then pulls them back really fast and put them on his chest, then he would go to crawl but as soon as he almost touched the grass he would put his hands to his chest and refuse to touch it.  Fun stuff to watch.

He is growing so fast I cannot believe he will be 1 year old in less than 3 months.

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Misty Greenhalgh's Facebook profile

I’ve been a myspacer for several years, but my husband introduced me to facebook yesterday and I’m hooked. It seems that is where everyone I knew in Jr. High and High School has been all these years!!! LOL… Anyway go check it out if you haven’t, or add me if your there too. There is even a group for people who went to my elementary school!!!

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Back from Hiatus

Ashton Taylor - 9 months old

Hello!!! Do I even still have any readers???

I had to take some time off from the computer and blogging because the holidays were just way to busy and I had to cut something off. But now I’m back and look at how big our little baby has become!

He is doing so many amazing things. Let’s see – he gives kisses, waves bye-bye, eats people food and refuses all baby food, the kid can eat a whole banana now!!! He can stand alone unassisted for about 5 seconds, he is cruising the furniture and going from one piece to another without falling or getting down, he has mastered crawling and is lightning fast, he signs to nurse (milk), he says mama, dada, and bubba (which is similiar to what we call his brother Alex), he still just has the 2 bottom teeth but I can see the 4 top ones. He is such a happy baby and he brings so much joy to my life that there just aren’t words to explain.

We all had a wonderful Christmas. We were able to bring to fruition a plan that I had made a few months ago which was to take all the kids (except Dylan) on a 7 day mexican cruise. So it was pretty exciting for them to open that gift. Tyler and Zach have never been out of Caliornia that they remember (I think there was a trip to visit some family in some other state when they were little, but they have no memory of that) so they were the most excited. Andrew, Taylor, Alex, and I have all been on the exact cruise we are taking so we know how amazing it is and how much fun we are going to have. Taylor literally cried, she has asked to take another cruise every day since our last one in 2006. Zach is afraid of “the big boat” but we have told him once he is on the ship he wont even know he is on a boat! Our ship has an ice skating rink on it!!! So that was kinda the big deal for our holiday.

Everyone is growing and doing so well. My kids make me a proud mommy everyday. Chris is doing amazing at work, now he is home all the time and not traveling at all. What a gift that is now because he is a very hands on daddy and husband so it really is a help. It’s wonderful to have our family all around our table every night.

Well, the mister boy is wanting his mommy now so I must close this post out. It’s good to be back!

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