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This post is going to be about my husband.  Very exciting things are happening for him, and therefore me and our family.  Also his birthday was Monday – so it is a good time. 

Chris has always been an amazing husband, patient, kind, thoughtful, very loving and giving.  He has always been the kind of dad who puts his kids first, who never yells or loses his patience.  It’s been sad lately because his older kids have made him hurt at times, being disrespectful and saying mean and hurtful things to him when the reality is that neither one of them realize how lucky they are in having a father like Chris.  But this is not about that.

Chris went to college for 16 years.  He never stopped, sometimes working 2 jobs to support his growing family, yet still slowly breaking the wall down and chipping away at that BA.  Finally there was a point in our marriage where we had enough saved that I said “quit your job, take a year and go to school full time, and FINISH!!!”  And that is what he did.  We struggled in that year, man did we.  I don’t quite remember how we put dinner on the table every night, but we did.  We made it, with neither of us working, on savings and the child support I got from my ex, and the little bit of state money we got for Dylan.  It was hard, but worth it.

Chris graduated in May of 2006 with a degree that had nothing to do with the field he was working in.  But he had that bachelors degree!  Then he started looking for work outside of being a Patient Care Tech, and work was not easy to find.  He got a sales job on commission only, and it sucked.  We were still broke ass bitches struggling to put food on the table.  I was in school full time as well. 

Chris has always had the kind of personality that everyone loves.  Everyone. loves. Chris.  He continued working as a PCT when we decided the sales thing just wasn’t going to work out.  Funny thing – that company went belly-up and closed its doors 3 months after Chris left.  Anyway, Chris plugged away at the dialysis clinics and just continued to network.  Finally, the hard work came through, and promises of brighter days were fufilled.

Through this person to that person, the way networking goes, Chris’ name was mentioned to the right person and he got an interview with the same company he was working at as a PCT, but for a different position.  This was for a Pharmecutical Sales Rep.  Chris went through numerous interviews, wooing one person to the next, as Chris does.  In July on 2007 he was offered the job – and we were SO excited!  A few weeks later we found out we were pregnant.  This could not have come at a better time!  The down part of the job was that it was 75% travel – but he would be home every weekend and at least one week, but most likely 2 weeks, every month.

Chris jumped on the opportunity, and in every quarter since he began he has been the top producing salesperson in the country.  He is amazing.  We have gone from not knowing how we will feed our kids to being able to have steak 3 times a week.  The pay was good, the bonuses were good, the perks were great.  the benefits are like no other.  Life has been good.  G-O-O-D.

Now, for the great part, the reason I am inspired to write this today.  Chris has been offered another job.  It is still with the same company, but now he will be the boss of his very own clinic.  This means no more travel, at all!  And…. a raise.  A pretty substantial one at that.  We are so blessed.

This morning his current boss called to ask if he had heard from his potential new boss yet…  apparantly when the potential new boss called the current boss and told her they would be extending Chris an offer and wanted him to start on x day, the current boss said “Well, Chris is our number one producer, and we are not letting him go that easily.”  Total silence…..  So new boss talked to HER boss who told her that they would match the pay of whatever the new offer was, and told Chris to think about how they could go about getting him to say with them.  A bidding war has ensued over my husband! 

I’m telling you he is truly an amazing man.  Additionally, current boss told him that if he reaches a certain amount of enrollments in the next 4 weeks (before he goes to the new position) that they will still give him 4th quarter bonus even though he wont be working with them that 4th quarter. 

Sadly, life is not all about money, and truth be told with things being equal, of course Chris will take the job close to home and with no travel.  But it is so wonderful to know that others see the greatness that I do in Chris.  It is so great to watch him succeed, to be there by his side as he soars to new heights, and to remember together how life once was.  We loved so much then, and we do now, and it is amazing to grow with a person so much.

I feel so lucky, so honored, that this man chose me to be his wife, his partner, his best friend.  And even more lucky that our children get to have as a role model a man who is so smart, successful, diligent, and valuable.  And that we, even in these hard economic times, are not suffering.  We will be donating a large portion of what we would normally spend on our kids this Christmas to families in need, since things are so hard right now for so many.  I know all too well that what is given can as easily be taken away, and do not take for granted one bit of our success.

So to Chris, I love you so much, and I am so proud to be your wife.  I am so proud to have given life to your child, and so honored that you chose me to partner with you in raising those children of yours that I did not give birth to.  I am blessed beyond belief that I have you to help me raise my own children.  We are an amazing family BECAUSE OF you.  Thank you.


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