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Update on Family

What a 2 weeks!  Yeesh!  First, I had to call 911 for my sister when I went to her house and found her non-responsive.  She had a reaction to penicillan.  What a nightmare.  She was in critical condition and in the ICU for a day.  My parents caught the first flight in the middle of the night from the East Coast to be here.  Super scary stuff.  She is home and fine now, thank God.

The mister continues to grow at an amazing rate.  Yesterday he rolled from his back to his tummy – he has been rolling tummy to back for about 6 weeks now.  So now he rolls around the floor.  It’s funny!  Yesterday he also opened his mouth to receive his cereal bites.  The boy hates the taste of everything but breastmilk, so getting him to accept any solids has ben rough.  He hates bananas even!  So I was shocked yesterday when he willingly ate the cereal out of the blue.  Then today he finished his first bowl, was acting still hungry, and completely starting yelling while he was waiting for me to make another bowl.  So, I guess the mister now likes cereal.  HAHA.  I am still doing all organic for him.  It will be harder the more he starts to eat, but completely worth it.  I am going to try to slowly convert most of the food we consume to an organic diet.  I realize it wont happen 100% for the others, but the more organic I can offer the better I feel.  There is a Whole Foods set to open up any day just up the street – so I can’t wait for that. 

The kids continue to impress – progress reports came out and they make me so proud.  We are still having some issues with child “B” but hoping to make progress at some point.  Him and baseball dad really need to talk to a third party about their anger issues with each other.  The last weekend was a mess.  I guess you can’t win em all, right?

I got a nanny to help out with special needs son, actually my step son, Baseball dad’s oldest is doing it for a  month on a trial basis.  Child A came over 3 days last week and it was so nice for special needs son to have a buddy to hang with and not just a stressed out over worked mom.  I think this will be a nice change as long as we can continue to afford it.

Baseball dad is doing great.  He is number one in sales for the nation and continues to receive praise left and right from his bosses, and their bosses, and their bosses.  His success is so wonderful after so many years of college and so many years of struggling and living paycheck to paycheck.  We actually have a little savings!  And over half of our christmas shopping done.  It’s been a good year for him career wise and for us financially.

I guess that’s it…  I know I need to try to blog more regularly and I am going to try.  It is on my mind daily.


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I never did get back here the other day when I said, even promised, I would.  Gah – I am such a bad blogger!!!  What is wrong with me?  Why don’t I just cut trying and close down the whole damn blog???  No.  I can’t.  I had too much fun re-reading all the posts from last year at this time when I was just in my first trimester…  it is so cool to read all of that.  So I will keep blogging or else what will I read next year?  Huh? 

So I was gonna write a post on balance, but I still haven’t had the time to figure out how to balance my life so I can write that post.  It’s not gonna be today either.  We had a family crisis, sister is just getting out of critical care in ICU, parents are arriving at the airport, and I have to go!

Maybe tomorrow?

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I totally suck!

I know, I totally SUCK at blogging.  Royally.  I know.  It’s not that I don’t think about blogging, I do.  Everyday!  I just never actually take the time to come and type something out.  This is why I do not have real life hobbies.  Because I suck at keeping up with them.  It’s not just blogging, it’s every hobby I have ever tried to have. 

So to update, Ash will be 5 months old tomorrow.  I know what you’re thinking.  How in the hell???  5 months has flown by, hasn’t it?  He is so freakin adorable it’s almost criminal.  Which incedentally, it is rude when someone says “He is SO cute!” to say “I know!”  Because that is what I say.  Anyway, he is rolling tummy to back, he is “talking” up a storm, he laughs, exchanges his toys from one hand to the other, plays with his feet, recognizes voices, smiles constantly, and is just a pure and complete joy. 

The other kids are all back in school which leaves me lots of time to just be a mommy to Ash and nurse him, hold him, nap with him, etc.  It is nice.  Then when they get home they have missed him so much that they take turns holding him while I get some stuff done around the house.  But Im definitly not a cleaner, really, I am a straightener.  LOL.  I have cleaners who I pay to deep clean around here twice a month.  It works well.

I am going to try to blog more and get some more readers, which means commenting more.  I have not wanted to comment because it would lead people here to a blog which am so bad about updating.  So I am going to work on both.  So if you do read my blog, and want to send some friends over, I will try to keep it interesting! 

Next post will be something I have been thinking about lately – balance.  Finding the right balance in life, between teaching and letting be, between husband and kids, between work and family, between discipline and fun, between letting things go and choosing our battles.  And I’m going to write it tomorrow!  I will!!

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