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Rolling Over

Well, my baby boy just rolled over!  3 days before his 4 month birthday…  and he is rolling over like a champ.  By the looks of it he could have done it long ago, I just lay him on his tummy, and he instantly flops over to his back.  LOL.  It is so funny!!

In other news – he has begun to make this screeching squealing sound that is like a scream but with some growl in it when he is displeasured.  It too is funny, annoying, but funny. 

My Ashy bear is one of a kind!!!!

Oh, and in other news — I got my daughter her 13th birthday present – a baby Chihuahua.  She is so super cute and so far very good.  She has only pee peed on her potty pad, does not bark and made it through her first night here in her crate with out whining at ALL.  Is is possible we have found the only other totally amazing dog on the planet???

Life is good people, very good!!


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OK!!  Here is a place for the continuation of the conversation from GwoP regarding the Gosselins appeal to churches.  Here is a rough transcript of what my comment was that never made it public before the entry was removed:

I believe that the Gosselins appeal to churches is due to the fact that Christians want to believe people.  They want to help, want to give the benefit of the doubt.  They are – faithful.  These people are not researching the Gosselins, they are the sheeple we see on all the other sights blindly nodding their heads in unison as Kate speaks.  I feel they are an easy target. 

Why do you think Jon and Kate appeal so highly to churches — highly enough that they can now command $25,000 per engagement?

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