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I have had an eye opening last 2 days.  About something stupid, not life changing, but something I have blogged about and something I have been thinking about.  That damn show Jon and Kate plus 8.  I wrote what I wrote in my last post, went down to my Tivo, and Lordy Bee how things changed.  🙂

I saw the gum episode and the cupcake episode.  I was dumbfounded.  So back to the internet I went.  My search did not fail me this time.  I found the blog of Aunt Jodi’s sister, the old TWoP pages, and the heaven sent GWoP blog.  My my my.  I am a changed woman.  The wool has been pulled from my eyes.  I can see clearly now the rain is gone.  Or something.

Kate Gosselin should be admitted.  Her kids should begin counseling now.  Those poor boys are going to have nightmares of big giant birthday cupcakes swirling mockingly around their head with Hannah’s face all big in them licking her fork as her “last bite” ———  AHH I am so pissed!  PISSED!


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Stripper Nails

Today I got my nails done and they are a little stripper-ish.  But I love them so I don’t care that my husband thinks they look like I am a lady of the night.  🙂

We had a great 4th.  The kids had such a good time at our party – the jumpy house was a huge hit.  Today I am not looking forward to cleaning up after it.  So I wont. 

My baby boy is so amazing.  I look at him and I still cannot believe he is mine.  He is seriously the most beautiful baby and he is getting the most precious little personality.  So sweet. 

Well, me and my stripper nails are going to to eat some cake ……

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