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I am so frustrated with WordPress.  It will NOT let me link within my post no matter what I do.  Even the little shortcut is not lit up and I have been working on it for weeks and it refuses to let me.

If anyone can help me figure it out I will love you forever.


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Ashton is tall and skinny – gee I wonder where he gets that from…  🙂   He is 10 pounds 2.5 ounces, which is just the 10th percentile – but he is 24 inches long which is more like 90th percentile.  Ha!  He is such a sweet baby I can’t hardly STAND it.  He smiles all the time now, and yesterday when he would start to fuss I would talk to him and he would then smile instead of cry.  He smiles at Chris all. the. time.  Today he is having a more sleepy day, or a sleepy morning, and when he sleeps god he is just so angelic.  I stare at him and I can’t believe I have him.  That I really have a baby and he is it, this precious perfect beautiful happy sweet little tiny guy is MY baby !!!!!  I want to eat him up!

He only got 2 shots instead of the recommended six (six!!!!!!!!!)  but I had talked to his Dr. the week before and he agreed to let me do the shots at my own pace.  It was very nice, 3 different people came in to see him and all three of them asked me if he was getting shots.  It was very nice to feel that my wishes were respected, that I was not an idiot, that I was in control of what happened to my little baby.  Only one person said to me “Only two shots, so when is he going to get the rest?”  And I said “Oh, I don’t know, maybe never.”  That was the end of that discussion thankyouverymuch.

I do enough reading and research to know how to keep my baby safe, at least I feel that I do.  I made a logical choice as to which shots he got – pertussis and pneumoccoal are the 2 airborn illnesses that are harmful or fatal if contraced as an infant.  There were 20,000 reported cases of pertussis in the U.S. last year.  Pertussis does not have it’s own vaccine, it is only available in the DTaP, so he got that.  Pc is the other, it is a vaccinne against Pneumoccoal which is a strain of penumonia as I understand it.  It is like a cold but then gets very bad and there is no way to get rid of it once you get it.  It also has greatly reduced ear infections and asthma, both of which my kids had an abundunce of (Alex still battles with ear infections and asthma at almost 12 years old).  So he got that.  I can’t find the real need to vaccinate him against polio which is basically irradicated, or Hep B which is an STD for the love of Christ.  The Hib and Rotovirus I will take him for at 3 and 5 months IF I decide he needs them, but I will be honest I almost pulled the plug on getting him any shots at all.  Chris has left the decision completely up to me so I have been reading all I can, and I use The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears as my bible.

Well, Im off to go shower and shop somewhere.  Im sure I have something to take back, or something I need at BRU.  Right?  Right???

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I hate orange skittles, and every time I pour some skittles into my hand, 75% of them are orange.  Why?  I can’t figure out why on earth they make so many more orange skittles than every other color.  Give me yellow.  Give me green.  Load me up with my favorite purple or red.  Why, Oh Lord, WHY do they give me so many orange ones?

I went grocery shopping today.  Needed several items from Sams Club.  Instead, I found a great deal on a 50″ plasma and left with that and no groceries. ♥ Bad mommy ♥

I am obsessed with the Duggar Family  and I can’t stop web surfing about them.  LOL.  The woman is saintly.  Not only is she pregnant with her eightteenth child, but she homeschools them!  Lordy lordy.  My kids lately have been asking me to homeschool.  Their little neighbor friends are homeschooled and have been telling my kids how great it is – they don’t have to get up early and get extra long recess, and they get to lay in bed while their mom reads to them.  Just when I was getting ready to address the state legislature about how school should be from 8 to 5 ……

I have resolved not to fight with baby mama drama.  Anymore.  Ever.  As Dr. Phil says – this relationship needs a hero.  So I’ve decided it’s going to be me.  It is so nice to be a nice person, in the face of anger, in the face of bitterness, in the face of ugliness, smart-ass-ness, and just plain old bitchiness.  It’s good, very good.  And no matter how ugly she gets, how many times she tries to raise child support, the crap she talks about my family, NONE of it will get a return of ugliness from me.  I will protect, I will defend, I will stand firm my ground, but I will. not. be. ugly. 

My son is fuckin amazing.  Everything he does, every smile, every coo, the way he moves his little legs, the way he stretches, the content “sigh” he makes when he is nursing, oh my god I love him so much.  And he is outgrowing some of his newborn clothes.  It makes me so sad but I have 4 pregnant girlfriends so it’s been fun to know I can pass them along.  I have little bags started and throw his clothes in them when he is too long for them – that’s all he is long and skinny (hmmmm can I get ANYTHING that is from me in this kid)…  Oh and he so smiles the hugest smile whenever he hears my voice.  That is the greatest reward I could ask for.

Dyl is like a new kid.  The new meds are awesome.  Tonight at dinner I sat him at the other end of the table with the kids.  He was perfect.  He even ordered for himself.  You’re shocked aren’t you?

Chris is working Sober Grad Night for Rocklin High. 

Zach wanted to stay home tonight instead of going to his moms.  He has never done that before.  So he’s here hanging with me and it’s pretty cool. 

Ty’s been here for a week.  Good visit.  We talked about some stuff and he’s a good kid when he’s not brainwashed 🙂

Must go nurse a precious little boy now. 

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