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Quads are FUN!

We had a really super good time over Memorial Day weekend.  Despite the rain, we went riding, and it was a freakin BLAST!  I got so muddy and wet, LOL.  Now, I want to buy quads. 



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Chris is at a baseball banquet.  Taylor is knocked out on pain meds because she got a mouthful of braces yesterday and is in a ton of pain.  Alex and Zachy are eating dessert and playing and being total goofballs.  Dyl is hanging out in his room.  Ashton has a full belly and is spending some very rare time laying next to me instead of on me.  So.  I have some free time.

I decided I need a hobby.  Yesterday I scouted my backyard and found the perfect area for a garden.  It is already landscaped, it has a cement border around it seperating it from the grass.  There is a small palm and some other trees and bushes but I can easily take that all out for my garden.  I hate to pull the trees up because they are growing and healthy, but hey!  I need a hobby!  Today I went and got some stuff to plant – bell peppers, zuchinni, two types of tomatoes, watermelon, some herbs.  I bought gardening tools and organic bug spray that I can keep on the veggies up to the day I pick them.  I am super excited to get started!  I would have done it today but it was so windy!  So when the wind dies down I will get going, I hope tomorrow.

We are going camping this weekend.  It will be a good time.  We are going with my cousins who have 5 quads and some dirtbikes and a very huge toy-hauler motorhome.  I’m talking huge like the kind people sell their lifelong home and buy to retire in.  Tomorrow I get to go do all the shopping for our grub for the trip and pack and get ready to go.  We have not camped this year yet so it will be interesting to see how Ashton does.  If he does well we can camp all summer long like we always do.  Chris and I have never rode quads or dirtbikes or anything, so it will be really fun to do for the first time.  The place we are going has tons of trails and I am wondering if I can ride a quad with my baby in the Baby Bjorn.  I think I can.  If not, there a lots of baby holders so I can participate in the fun too. 

I am getting tired of the drama happening around me.  Moreso tired of the pain people are feeling.  It affects me when people I love are hurting and it drives me nuts.  Devon is continuing her affair with the girl she was caught cheating with.  I hate what it is doing to Eric and to their children.  I wish things were back to normal and we were planning family camping trips to Tahoe and backyard swimming parties.  Oh well.  I hope they get it together and start thinking of their kids.  Ryan is missing his little girl and it makes me nuts that his ex wife is so crazy and has taken their daughter illegally.  I hope the police get involved soon and that my kids don’t start wondering why their little sister is not at their dads house when they go over there.  My sister has to deal with her crazy ex husband taking her to court again.  And of course there is the never ending saga of baby-mama-drama in my house.  But that is so far from being a problem – it is actually funny.  The more stuff I get together the more it is just sad that the boys have to go through hell for absolutly nothing.  There is no way …………  okay well whatever I’m not going to go into it.  But the drama is getting crazy around me!  I love being able to crawl into the safety of my drama-free home into the arms of my husband, holding my newborn and my kids.  It could be a war zone outside, but the safety of my wonderful home and life is so comforting.

Well.  My baby boy is waking up and wants to nurse.  I must go.

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Dear Ashton

Dear Ashton,

Hello son!  You are almost 6 weeks old already, it is unreal how fast time goes by.  It seems like just yesterday your daddy and I were on our boat, wrapped in each other’s arms, tears in our eyes, deciding to have a baby.  When your daddy went in for his surgery, and then me for mine.  I remember seeing you as a little embryo, a perfect grade A embyo, and watching on the screen as the Doctor placed you into my uterus.  The phone call telling me I was pregnant, the phone call telling me I was still pregnat, our first ultrasound at 7 weeks and I was so nervous that your little heartbeat would not be there, but it was Ashton, so strong your little heart was beating.  We saw you again at 10 weeks and again at 14 weeks, we saw you at 18 weeks and 20 weeks and 28 weeks, because I had good Doctors who let me look at you when I wanted to and because I switched insurance and got an extra ultrasound, and because daddy let me pay for the 4d ultrasound so I could get another look at you.  I remember all those times, seeing you while you were inside my tummy.  Then you went breech, and we saw you at 37 weeks and 38 weeks and 39 weeks.  Mommy got to see you for a second on your birthday when they let us peek in to see if you were still breech.  But I knew you were, I could feel exactly where your head was.  Then I got to meet you, daddy and I did, he was so wonderful when they were taking you out.  He was so excited, I have never seen him that excited and nervous.  You have always brought out new emotions is us baby boy.

Now in 2 days you will be 6 weeks old already.  You are starting to smile and talk a little bit.  You are so alert, you look around constantly.  Daddy can’t believe how strong your neck is!!!  You absolutly love to nurse, and like to just sit with mommy and look into my eyes, or around the room while you nurse.  You hate the car!  THe second you are in the carseat you cry and don’t stop until I nurse you in the carseat or until we pick you up.  Yesterday you cried all the way home from the lake!  But you just want to be held, and we know you can’t understand why no one is listening to you!  We know you will stop crying in the car someday and you will come to love going bye bye. 

You are the most beautiful baby.  You have such gorgeous big blue eyes, and your daddy’s nose and mouth.  Everyone who sees you, even strangers, say how perfect and beautiful you are.  Some say you are a “pretty baby” and they are right.  You have very long arms and legs, and long fingers and toes.  I think you will be tall and skinny like your daddy.  There is not much of you that is not just like daddy, and he is so happy that he finally got a baby who looks like him!  I figure since I got to carry you around inside of me for 9 months and I get to nurse you and spend all day every day with you that the least we could do for daddy is let you look like him! 

I have to go now Ashton, you want to nurse and go to sleep.  You are in your sister’s arms now and she is one of the only other people who can calm you down.  You love me, daddy, sissy, and your brother Alex.  Great gramdma still comes over every day to hold you, but the last 2 days you have been fussy and just wanted mommy.  I will have to teach you some manners!  Haha.

I love you son, more than words, more than you will ever be able to comprehend.  You are the most amazing creature and I can’t believe that I have you, that you are mine, that you are daddy’s and mine.  Today is mommy and daddy’s 8 year anniversary of being together, and the best way we could spend it was being with each other and you, being amazed at how lucky we are.  Thank you Ashton for everything you are, everything you have brought to my life.  I adore you now, and forever.

I love you,

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Boating day

Today was Ashton’s first day on the boat!  I have some pictures but I will have to upload them from my real camera, the ones from my cell phone are already on my compter but this blog site does not accept that kind of picture.  Anyway, beeeeelieve me when I tell you how absolutly posititily ADORABLE my little man was in his life jacket.  Oh.  My.  God.  You have never seen such cuteness.

We decided to give the kids a free pass tomorrow and let them miss school (ssshhh it’s a surprise!) – since it is a mini day and nothing special is happening, and since my kids have missed only 2 days of school all year each, and sice they are such good kids, and they deserve to do something fun without Dylan every once in a while, we are sending Dyl to school in the morning then telling the kids they get a boating day.  We even went out this weekend and boght the huge ginourmous “Big Bertha” tube for them.  We have had a 1 to 2 mam tube since we bough the boat, and this is our 4th summer with the boat, and the kids are getting to damn big to have fun on that tube anymore.  We will keep it cuz it is perfect for Dylan, but the other kids deserve a new bigger tube.  So tomorrow they will be so stoked.  Anyway.  Since we are doing this tomorrow and this is the first summer with our new addition, this morning I woke up and decided it might be good to take Ash on the boat and do a little trial run.  We only had Dyl and Ash so how hard could it be.  It was probably Ashton’s most fussy day yet until we got him onto that boat.   He loved it!  Totally sat there in his car seat and just chilled completely. 

I am so relieved he loves the boat, especially seeing how much he hates the car!  We only stayed about 2 hours because I was concerned about him overheating.  But I kept him in the shade the whole time, nursed him 3 or 4 times, put a tiny bit of baby sunblock on his face to catch any intruding rays, and he was happy as a lark.  It was great.


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I like my new blog.  I think it looks so cool and oh em gee wordpress is SO much better than blogger.  I can’t believe I have been stuck over in the dark ages of blogger for so long.  It really sucks.


I am really getting back into the swing of things.  Everything is getting back to normal – my energy level has returned, my mood swings are history, and finally people have stopped coming over everyday.  Well, except for grandma but she is such a help when she is here I actually hope she will come each day.  Ashton and I are in a good rythym with each other and attachment parenting is working wonderul.  It is so strange to have a name on something I have been doing since Taylor was born.  I had no idea it was a revolution, LOL.  He basically only cries when he is either in the car or getting his diaper changed.  The diaper changing is getting better.  The car – not so much.  He hates being in his car seat in the car.  Oh well – that is something he will have to get over someday!  It is really easy for me to figure out what he wants.  His most favorite thing, and the sure way to calm him down if something is wrong with him, is for me to lay on my bed with him – our tummies touching, my nose and his nose touching.  He will fall asleep in minutes this way.  I guess because that is how he nurses a lot of the time, and how we sleep, it is really comfortable for him.  He also loves being in his Baby Bjorn.  We shop like that everyday!


I got some great news over the weekend – my little cousin over at Our Infertility Rollercoaster got her BFP on Saturday!!!  Congratulations Lea and Kenny – Ashton is so excited to be getting another cousin!  Lea and Kenny have been TTC for 3 years now, with unexplained infertility.  This was their first try with Lea on meds, and luckily it worked for them on the first round. 


I have been asked by some people how my weight loss is going.  It is going fine, but it is not something I remotely care about.  I just had a baby.  I am breastfeeding.  I eat a lot, whenever I am hungry.  I eat what I feel like eating which most of the time is not healthy.  I take a prenatal vitamin still everyday to make sure Ashton is getting what he needs, and I drink more water than you can imagine.  But I still have a good deal to lose on my hips/thigh/bootie area.  I realize that my hips wont go back to pre preg appearence until at least 6 month post partum.  That is a fact of nature, with nothing to do with me or my body or anything.  But I never have tried to lose weight and I never will.  I do not have an unhealthy body image.  I am who I am and I look how I look and my body will figure it out.  As long as I am healthy, my baby is healthy, and my husband still loves me (haha!!) I am great with my body, however it looks and whatever size it is. 

Incedentally, yesterday after I picked my kids up from school we had pulled in the driveway and were getting out of the truck.  I was walking back to get Ash out of the backseat and Zach was walking towards the front to go in the house, and as we passed he said “Wow Mom!!  You are really skinny again!!”  I love kids and that is one of the reasons.  They say whatever their observation is, and I believe him because he had no reason at all to state that right then other than that is what he saw. 


Ash will be 5 weeks old tomorow.  Time is flying by.  The kids get out of school in 3-ish weeks.  We are getting the boat out finally this weekend.  I can’t believe it is already summer!  We bought the cutest lifejacket for Ashton.  It was pricey, but I don’t think that is the place to save money!  Life continues to be amazing, and I am still living the dream!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Mother’s Day

My 12th Mother’s Day as a mommy. My 11th with 2 children. My first with Ashton. My 7th as Chris’s partner, my 4th as his wife. It was such an amazing day.

First – the gifts. I do love a good spoiling! I got a pair of awesome coach shoes – not signature ones as I do think those are quite ugly, but very super cute heels that are adorable. A pair of Coach sunglasses with a signature hard case that perfectly matches my diaper bag and wristlet (wallet). A pair of my favorite jeans – True Religion. And the topper – my nose pierced! That is something I have wanted since mid-pregnancy but couldn’t get then for obvious reasons. My husband has always thought little tiny studs in the nose are super cute, and I think they are cute as well and also good for my nearing mid-life crisis, haha. So I casually mentioned in the car today that it would be fun to get my nose done for Mother’s Day. He didn’t confirm or deny this, so I forgot about it too. Then about a half hour later we pull into the tat shop. I’m like – ok, guess this is happening now. So I go in and 10 minutes later I emerge with an adorable little tiny pink stud. And I am so fantastically cute now I can hardly stand myself!

I got taken out to dinner Friday night, brunch Saturday, dinner Saturday night, breakfast Sunday morning, and dinner Sunday night. Nevermind losing pregnancy weight – this weekend was a “well I am nursing and you know lactating women are supposed to eat an additional 500 calories per day” kind of weekend. So I got to see all kinds of family from near and far and celebrate the wonderful joys of being a mother and of being a new mother also.

Chris was amazing all weekend. We shopped and shopped, he carted me to every store I requested. Then when I just wanted to sit outside and people watch but it had to be by a Starbucks so I could have my tropical tea and it had to be my Marshalls because they had shoes I wanted and it had to be in a busy place so I could see lots of interesting people, he found the perfect spot and sat with me and never complained. And of course he commented properly throughout the day both on how cute my nose was and how amazing I looked in my new jeans. The perfect husband I tell you for the hundreth time. Manufique!!!

Then we got the boys and they had a little celebration with me with cupcakes and songs and I opened their wonderful school made presents – a flower vase from Zachary and a painted picture in a frame from Dylan. Too sweet. My kiddos Tay and Al picked out the most amazing sweet cards that they bought with their own money and they wrote very nice things in them. My grandma got me big pot of gardenias to plant. Ashton was perfect all day long – he even gave me a 4 hour nursing break for the first time. So to reward him and make me happy, I bought him $70 worth of more clothes. LOL. My grandma thinks he will outgrow his clothes before he can wear them all. Not if I change him 3 times a day I tell her! And I will, I do. I LOVE being a mommy!!!!

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