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27 weeks tomorrow

How much do I love my unborn child? THIS much!!

I loved this picture and wanted to post it – which I have done – posted it – everywhere. 🙂 Because I’m cool like that.

It is my born children who I would like to be rid of this evening. They are driving me N-U-T-S!!! They may drive me into a crazy lady home before long. I have officially told them, at least 10 times in the last hour, that I don’t want them speaking to one other or to me again for the rest of the evening. Needless to say – it isn’t really working. They are still talking. It’s just one of those nights, you know, where everyone needs something 2 seconds after I just finish doing something for the other one, or 3 seconds after I sit down, or 5 seconds after I get on the phone to take an important call, always something!!! They are goofy, argumentative, lazy, hyper, messy, and for some reason do not hear anything I say until I actually yell it. Grrr.

I want a bath. A long bubbly bath with a glass of wine and super hot water – NO – I want to sit in my HOT TUB with a glass of wine – no, a bottle of wine – and VEG OUT!! But of course, I cannot sit in the hot tub, or the bath, I cannot have wine, by the glass or the bottle, I can’t veg out. I am the mommy. Mommy’s don’t get those fantastic oppurtunities to opt of of life. Well, I mean I can think of a mommy or 2 who call themselves mother’s who actually can, and do, opt out of mothering all the time. In fact that would by why I am so busy being the mom. None-the-less – I am also pregnant and so this pregnant mom can’t take a bath or sit in the hot tub and drink wine because I cannot jeapordize the precious perfectness of the baby I am carrying.

I am SO glad it is a 3 day weekend – our weekend OFF !!! Hubby and I are just dreaming of the wonderful quiet times we are going to spend together this weekend. 3 whole nights, alone together, just us, going out to dinner, sleeping in, staying up ;), doing anything we want anywhere we want for how ever long we want (how ever loud we want to be …) I LOVE OUR WEEKENDS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially this weekend I am seriously looking forward to because we have not had any time off from the kids since December 24th. THAT gets to be a long time, especially with Dylan. We look so forward to recharging, falling in love with each other all over again and getting to miss our kids.

Ok. Now that I have had about 15 minutes of quiet, I have talked to my wonderful husband, and I played a little bit with the baby inside of me (the pokey game), I feel better and I am all ready to go hang out with the kiddos again.


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Dear baby,

Hello in there!! I just wanted to tell you what a little soccer player you are. Or blackbelt karate sensai, or marathon runner, or something. Whew. You kick mommy to no end!!! And punch, and I think headbutt??? We all love to watch you roll around in there. Last night your sister and brother, Taylor and Alex, were sitting on each side of me watching your acrobatics – when you delivered some kind of rolling jumping movement, to which Alex responded “Woah. that was weird.” Haha. They haven’t been watching and feeling you for weeks like I have. I know nothing is weird for you. Right now as I write to you my stomach is flopping and flipping and rolling, you are an a-c-t-i-v-e little bean!!!!!!!

Daddy and I have got your crib all ready for you! You are going to LOVE it! Your changing table is ready too and mommy put some clothes in the drawers for you, broke open a case of diapers and stacked them up, and laid a blankie out for you too. We are getting SO excited for your arrival, even though we still have 13 and a half weeks left to wait.

We have also picked a name for you. Mommy thinks for some reason we should keep it a secret for now. Your brothers and sister know. The names might not stick, so we will wait until you come out and then see if you are a boy or a girl, and what you look like, and honestly baby G, whatever mood mommy and daddy are in that day 🙂

I talk to you all the time, and we play a game I call the poke and kick. I poke you, then you kick where I poked. It’s fun. If I rub my tummy, you kick when I stop. And if you are really moving around and I talk, you sit completely still. I have to use sign language to get daddy and your siblings to feel you kick, because if I utter one sound, you stop. You must find mommy’s voice soothing, and you must also be very attentive and want to hear everything I am saying. You enjoy the song “you are my sunshine” which I sing to you several times throughout the day. You are also practicing a lot for your big day, giving mommy numerous contractions every day. You love to put your foot, or hand, or something, right under my right rib, and then leave it there for a while while I wiggle and turn and desperatly try and find a position which will encourage you to MOVE! You also are hungry every 2 hours, and like to make mommy very tired. Sometimes mommy just wants to lay in bed all day long. You are lucky that you have such a nice and understanding daddy who allows mommy to be lazy and helps with the rest of the work around here. Otherwise you would hear mommy yelling a lot, and no one wants that.

I love you so much my baby, oh, and I am convinced that you are a boy. We will see!!

See you in 3 months ~ Let’s move on to our 3rd trimester in 3 days!! OH! Mommy and daddy are going to have a tour of where you will be born. We go on Saturday and are so excited to see the new hospital. We get to see your new doctor too next week – the same Doctor who delivered your only sister!! Mommy can’t wait to see him again and show him how amazing you are. I think we will have your 3d ultrasound next month too. We want one more peek of our little creation before you are born. I would LOVE to get a look at the kind of acrobatics you are performing in there!!

your mommy

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