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24 weeks

I had my 24 week check up yesterday. I gained 6 more pounds and was lectured by the Dr. about how I have gained 21 pounds now and I am only supposed to gain 35 by the end and I might have a baby who is too big, blah blah blah. I think I can handle it. Alex was 8.6 pounds and he was 2 weeks early. So shaddup.

The baby’s heartbeat was perfectly strong, sounded wonderful. My tummy grew from 19 inches in week 20 to 26 inches! Growth spurt is what the Dr. called it. I have been saying that I am having the largest baby of all time since what, my 10th week?!? So for all you peeps who keep telling me “you look tiny!” “Oh… it’s just a little bump” you are WRONG!!! 🙂

Braxton Hicks keep happening several times a day, which my Dr. assures me is normal and fine and nothing to worry about. I can’t wait for 3 more weeks when I get to see my REAL Dr., who is going to deliver my baby, the same Dr. who delivered Taylor and my 2 nephews, and I am on my knees thanking someone that we changed our insurance. Kaiser just makes me feel uneasy. I like the Dr. but there is something about that place that makes me think catastrophe is seconds away.

Christmas was wonderful, baby G cooperated and let me do all the things I had to do without much discomfort. I have a bad case of sciatica which makes walking and standing increasingly difficult. But Chris was a huge help, as usual, so if I needed to take a break he was right there to step in and pinch hit for me. We are such an amazing team.

Ok, and one cute husband story then I will go. I was bothered because well I had gotten him one big gift that he really needed and wanted, I had not gotten him much else. A few little things, but nothing interesting or incredibly thoughtful. So I was telling him Christmas Eve morning that I was sorry that I had not had a lot of time to go out and really shop for him, and that I hoped he wouldn’t be dissapointed on Christmas morning that I had only gotten him one really good gift. He goes “babe, you are already giving me the most special gift possible – you are giving me a baby.” AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hormonal self stood there in the bathroom naked with wet hair and sobbed for 5 minutes – it was the sweetest thing he could have ever said!!! Life is so amazing when you are married to the awesomest guy in the WORLD!!

Ciao everyone – have a happy and safe New Year!


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Bad blogger!!

I know, I know. It has been forever since I have written a blog here. Shush. I am stealing a quiet moment away – my son Zach is having his birthday party and there are about 20 little brats downstairs so I am hiding out in my room until their parents get here. I had no idea that parents had completely stopped teaching their children anything about manners or how to act as a guest in another person’s home. When did this lack of manners and respect start becomming the norm in our society? No wonder kids grow up so fucked up in this day and age. Their parents have opted completely out of teaching their children anything about being proper and respecful. It is amazing. I am sitting here bewildered at how rude, disgusting, loud, and all around horrible these kids are. I would never allow my children out of the house if they acted half as bad as the rugrats here in my home tonight.

Anyway. On to news about the pregnancy. I am 22 weeks today – only 18 more to go before I meet by precious little bean. Baby G kicks up a STORM! It rolls around, and most of the time I get kicks both low in the belly and high around my belly button at the same time. Or on the far left side and far right side at the same time. The kid is so active. Oh, and when it hears music – forget about it! Goes completely nuts. It is so cool to get to know the personality of the baby so soon. He or she is always awake and active between 8:30 and 11:00 every night. It’s cool because Chris is always home and I am chillin, all done with my millions of things to do everyday, so we just sit and watch our little creation moving and rolling in my tummy. It’s one of our favorite pasttimes now-a-days.

As far as how I am feeling, pretty damn good considering I am raising 4 kids full time, 2 more part time, one of the full timers is severely special needs, finishing my last semester, Chris working more hours than before, and it’s the holidays, which in my house doesn’t just mean Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also 5 birthdays in 3 months! AHHHH!! My life is one of those insanely busy how-do-you-do-it kind of lives………….. But I have that 2nd trimester energy right now, which if you think about it is timed perfectly for me to get through all these birthdays and the holidays and be done just before my 3rd trimester hits and I am huge and exhausted all over again.

Life is awesome and amazing right now. Watching the changes my body is going through has been so neat, something I appreciate differently than I did the first time around. My marriage is perfect, my children are amazingly successful, everything is awesome!

I will try to post more often!!

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