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Dear Baby

Dear baby,

I saw you again on Wednesday. You weigh 10 ounces already! Almost a whole pound!! You are growing and getting so big, and making me burst with pride already.

We spent our first Thanksgiving together on Thursday. You liked all the food and didn’t make me have heartburn or feel sick. Thank you! Yesterday we went to your nana G’s house and she couldn’t stop taking pictures of mommy’s tummy with you inside it. Everyone is so excited to meet you!

You have a cousin named Grayson and mommy held him for a long time yesterday. You didn’t mind although you were kicking a lot while I was walking around singing to him. I think you liked the song I was singing because I sing it to you and now you have ear bones so you can hear my voice. I love that!

Your Nana K and Papa bear will be here in a couple of weeks, and your nana is so excited to feel you kick. Everyone is very anxious to know if you are a boy or a girl. I am too. I wish we could find out, but your daddy is set against it. He wants to be surprised. Pretty soon you will make your way into the world and show us all if you are a boy or a girl. That will be a wonderful day, baby G! 21 more weeks until you are due. It is going by very fast.

Daddy and I are going to go out to find your crib this weekend. We are also going to look for a bassinet and a cradle so you will be able to sleep anywhere you want to in our house. But mostly, you will just sleep in mommy or daddy’s arms because I cannot imagine ever putting you down.

Your nana G got us a very cute Christmas ornament, like she does every year. This one is of 2 bears, and the mama bear is pregnant. It says “baby” with an arrow pointing to the little bump on her tummy. It has the year on it, 2007, so when you get a little bigger you will be able to hang it on the tree and we will always remember the Christmas you spent inside your mommy’s tummy. I have bought you too many Christmas presents daddy says, because you wont even be here yet. But you are with me all the time, and I know you want some presents too! I even got you a baby stocking!

I already love you so much, and I can’t wait to meet you. But I am enjoying every minute you are spending inside of me, and I want you to stay right there until April! No coming out early!!! It’s time for us to go get our Christmas Tree. Your brothers Tyler, Dylan, and Zachy are with us and they are very excited to pick out our tree and help decorate it. Daddy will be very busy hanging all of our Christmas decorations. AND we are taking our family pictures today, your very first one! It will be a busy day for us baby.

Your mommy


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18 weeks and counting

Here is a picture of our baby 2 weeks ago (16 weeks) sucking its thumb. So cute!!!

Faithful blog readers – I am 18 weeks 3 days pregnant today! Yippee!!! I have been blogging a bit on the pregnancy in my myspace blog (myspace.com/greenhalgh_family) because I am on myspace everyday. So when I have impromptu things on my mind to blog about, chances are I either am on myspace, I have just left myspace, or I will be on myspace soon. So I am sorry my blog has been suffering a teeny bit. But I am here now!

Baby G has been moving like a crazy person. This is by far my most active baby. I don’t remember Taylor or Alex moving this much. Chris says the baby is a mover and shaker just like its daddy. Even cuter – Chris says the kicking is not actually the baby kicking, it is morse code for “I love my mommy and daddy.” Yeah – I like that idea! 🙂

The kids are loving being able to feel the baby now. Last night when we started our family movie, Alex said “Mom, feel free to take the remote from dad, stop the movie and yell THE BABY IS MOVING!!” He is obsessed with the baby moving. When he comes home from being anywhere he asks me if the baby moved. Did the baby move while I was at school? Did the baby move while I was outside? Did the baby move last night after I went to bed? Is the baby moving? Is the baby moving now? Mom, is the baby moving? …………………… He has missed feeling it a couple of times, so yesterday he was going to feel it! And he did, baby G kicked his/her big brother several times!

Last night we had a name-the-baby-fest too. The best suggestion came from Alex – Phinneus Fern. Who comes up with this stuff???? Zach liked Riley, and Taylor is stuck on Hayden which I do not like. She simply cannot understand why I like Aiden, but not Hayden. It is not something I can explain, I just KNOW that my baby will not be Hayden!

Ultrasound is Wednesday. We are not finding out the sex, but it will be awesome to see the precious little one moving all over the place – I wasn’t really feeling the movements a lot at the last ultrasound 2 weeks ago. We love seeing our creation dancing on the screen for us. Have I mentioned how happy I am, how much I love my life, how loved I am, and how freakin lucky I am???

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Growing by the day!

I am definitly in the growth stage of pregnancy. My tummy get bigger every day. For pictures please go to my myspace page (myspace.com/greenhalgh_family) because blogger is not very user friendly in the way of letting my put pics up. It is far easier to do it on myspace. So I have been putting tummy pics up about every 4 weeks – since I will be 5 months along this Friday I will get another one up this week. I have also been feeling movements regularly now – in the same spot each day. So the little bean is growing and sprouting right up!

I have an ultrasound in about an hour – but we aren’t finding out the sex so DON’T ASK!! I will have pics from that too to share with everyone – again on myspace. So check there this week for pic updates.

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